About Kismet

The Kismet podcast is the brainchild of Brooke Lamb and Lindsey Sampson, born amidst quiet conversation in one of Nashville’s most beloved coffee shops. Brooke had been envisioning a podcast for years, but knew it would take the right time, the right place, and most of all, the right co-host. Lindsey’s creative energy and theological wisdom met with Brooke’s psychological expertise and spiritual passion, and the dream of Kismet emerged.

Kismet exists for the purpose of highlighting the abundance of extraordinary stories hidden in the ordinary. When humans listen to one another’s experiences of suffering, healing, and transformation, life is brought forth within the listener. Everyone has moments like these, but they are very rarely witnessed by others at all, much less in great focus. Humanity appears to be more divided than ever, but the universal nature of Kismet moments demonstrates that we are all more alike in our internal realities than the surface may show.

The hope of the Kismet team is that you notice more fully the presence of Love in your own life as you receive the stories of others, and move forward into sharing your own moments with your community.

About your hosts

Lindsey Sampson grew up wandering with her military family, but recently moved to Nashville from Boston to pursue her divinity degree. She is wrapping up her first year at Vanderbilt Divinity School getting her MDiv focused on religion, gender, and sexuality. She is a songwriter and a writer and loves to walk in the woods, and garden with her fianc√© Chris and their pup Kacie.

Brooke Lamb is originally from Kansas City, Missouri and has called Nashville home for 13 years. She has a Master’s of Marriage and Family Therapy from Lipscomb University and owns Abide Counseling where she practices spiritually-integrated experiential therapy and supervises her wonderful team of therapists. She is the grateful mama of two littles, Ezra and Asher, and enjoys parenting with her husband Jake and tending to their wild pups and home. She also loves working out, baking the best chocolate chip cookies ever, and ADHD fixation projects.